Barcraft - student project

Barcraft is the consummate writing tool for active songwriters and lyricists on the go, the brainchild of a songwriter who is inspired not only in the studio, but also while out living life. Barcraft is a way capture creativity while moving, by streamlining the entire writing process into one experience, from writing along with beats and recording quick ideas on the spot, all the way to sharing your new ideas with collaborators and fans from within the Barcraft environment.

Barcraft - image 1 - student projectSongwriters are moving more and more towards writing songs on their smartphones and tablets. This process is also becoming mobile... whether on tour, or while walking, or on the plane. Writing no longer just happens at home or in the studio. Unfortunately, songwriting on the go can be a cumbersome process.

The Problems

  • If you like to write in your phone or your tablet while away from home or the studio, the trouble is, you're either stuck juggling devices or juggling between apps within one device. You have to play the music from one app, and write the lyrics in another.
  • Most music players (usually iTunes) don't allow you to set loop points. This sucks if you need to focus all of your attention on JUST writing the chorus section of your song, for example. 

The songwriter on the go needs to be able to simple plug in their headphones, open up one application, and streamline their creative process. Barcraft will be the streamlining solution for the active, spontaneous creator. 

Main Features of Barcraft


  • The notepad for text editing, and importation of beats directly from your itunes library, iCloud or Dropbox
  • A sketchpad that allows voice recording for simple vocal ideas to hear how they sound with your music, right there on the spot
  • A versatile and customizable “shelf” where songs and sketches are organized through gestures. Shelf also features a seemingly bottomless well of quotes from music legends
  • A built in media player that allows the writer to focus on a specific section of music, as opposed to being constrained to looping an entire beat, or having to continually rewind to focus on a small section of music
  • Export ideas to email as mp3s (with or without lyrics), or even publish to social networks like Soundcloud, Tumblr, Twitter and Facebook


Barcraft - image 2 - student project


Barcraft - image 3 - student project

Future Updates

  • a native thesaurus
  • customizable skins