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Barcelona to Iceland (via NYC)

Hi everyone! It was fun watching these videos as Cory's editing process is pretty much my editing process already, with all the same apps as well (with the exception of Filterstorm, which I'm buying as soon as I finish writing this). One big difference however is that I'm not in Texas or Nebraska or Seattle or any of the places mentioned and I don't get much fog...

I'm in Barcelona! I'm half Dutch, half American and I've been based here for the past three years. I say 'based' as I tend to do a LOT of travelling. Over the past year I've travelled to Iceland (did the full circle by bus and LOVED it so much I went back again this year!), Berlin, Amsterdam, Copenhagen, New York and London (which probably explains why I'm rather broke at the moment ;).

It was also just fun hearing someone else talk about the things I love and which are a big part of my daily life without necessarily having many people to talk about them to (I don't know nearly enough proper photo geeks like myself!).

You can find me and see my iPhone photos at or DSLR photos at

Anyway, I went for a little solitary photowalk today, testing out a few of the things Cory mentioned. I still want to find some more foresty type places but for now a beach and a cute town outside Barcelona will have to do :-) I hope to add a few more during this course.

p.s. I took these with my new iPhone 5s, and I'm LOVING the camera (after using a 4s for the past two years)

Questions I have after taking and editing this photo: Are the buildings to the right a distraction? Perhaps I could have made it look like a forest? I'm a little unhappy with the blue at top right.

I edited this a bit more, removed some distracting elements, and changed the tones a bit. I guess I made it a bit 'dreamier'. Here's the final result:

I realise this isn't a landscape photo but felt it was interesting enough to include. Should I perhaps have removed the bike on the front left of the photo? Does it distract from the image?

I also had a look through my older unedited landscape photos and did a few edits. These are all from Iceland:


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