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Name & Location: Oscar Villalba (Creative Director), Miami and New York

Brand Name: Barbarica

Slogan: Apparel for the Modern Savage

Mission Statement:  We are a street/casual wear brand that believes in the modern hustle with a twist of antiquity. We are the apparel company for the Modern Savage... the Relentless Go-Getters.

 Logo - 

Lookbook ss2013:

Who Barbarica is? What Barbarica stands for, what influences the designs and concepts? When was Barbarica created? Where did the creation take place? Why Barbarica?

This is not a fad. It's a life style- embracing your inner barbarian, making great things happen everyday. The idea for Barbarica was initially derived from our love for music and art. It was first sparked partaking in music festivals and noticing how people from vast cultures can unite with a common goal: Come together and become one. Carry the love and euphoria brought by music and festivals into everyday life. Seek adventure. To be cliché, live your life to its creative fullness, through music, art, innovation, intelligence and intellect.

It is our struggle clashing with our passions, how we view ourselves in paintings it is our inner demons being represented by designs through our outlooks on life and how so far we have felt our purpose is all about. Barbarica is open to interpretation, there is no right or wrong just gray... starving yet full... it is a sort of cerebral complex we all go through at different stages in our life. Barbarica is hearing colors and seeing sounds.

We are a street/casual wear brand that believes in the modern hustle with a twist of antiquity. We are the apparel company for the Modern Savage... the Relentless Go-Getters.

Our designs represent struggles and passions of people in our generation. Hardships finding a balance between and successful career and happiness, finding soul mates or the pursuit of a significant other that will meet your needs, love. An overall growth and balance of becoming a better human being and not lose yourself in false illusions.. a sense of self and finding our purpose on the schematic chess game called life.

1. Tusk & Bones - We chose the skull of a mammoth as our logo because it represents wisdom, strength and power. It empowers you with a quench for knowledge and understanding. Loyalty and determination is what we strive on.

 Logo  Logo

2. Barbarican Flag - Flags are representation of one’s nation… This one represents the human’s remnants that stand the test of time. This one in particular also is a tribute to all the millions of americans that have died to make this country what it is. U S 

Flag Flag

3-4. Barbarian Warriors - This is who we are. This is what society has bred us to be. Working men and women on the grind by day, savages by night. And just like thousands of years ago, those who became the fittest, survived the longest. The only difference is that instead of fighting with knives and spears, we fight with education and experiences to provide for our families and ourselves. But don’t get rid of those knives and swords just yet, trends have proven to be cyclical. At the rate this economy is going, it’s only a matter of time before we pull our weapons out from beneath our beds.  


5. Anarchy Dreamcatcher - Everyone has dreams and certain strives in life. This is for the dark ones, not everyone wants a happily ever after story, some people like to have things stirred up, maybe a lil shaken. The anarchist dreamcatcher represents rebellion, liberation and free will. Certain values that our country was actually founded by. The mammoths tusks represents the decay of wisdom in our society and how its depreciating us, our culture. So pick up your molotov cocktails and stand for your right to have a voice!

  Anarchy Catcher

6. Peace Dreamcatcher - Integrity, honesty and over all good karma is what makes certain people merry around the world. People that help others and create a very open and friendly environment radiate with positive energy. They live like this because they dream like this. Show how you value society not only leading by example but by representing one of the most iconic symbols ever, the peace sign! Mixing it with a dream catcher no only furthers the story behind it all and adds depth but it gives hope to humanity of people that dream with this mindset.

Peace Dream Catcher  

7. Hungry For the Power -During the Ice Age, food became a scarce resource and hunters had to become more creative in order to catch their dinner. Hunters were forced to use sharper, stronger weapons and smarter tactics to provide for their families. Some ate and others died, which is much like today's generation. We are the modern cave men and women. Instead of using knives and swords to hunt and provide for ourselves, families and communities, we use education, street smarts, wit, charm, and wisdom. Mental weapons that when used correctly, prey is slayed, jobs are landed, pay checks come in, food and shelter is provided.


This is our first collection:

Barbarica is the latin root word derived from savage. Savage, exactly what you need to be in order to make it in this competitive world. Barbarica is a state of mind and being, a brand that promotes one thing: self-acceptance of individuality and culture. When this is achieved, a sense of confidence empowers you to learn, motivates you to keep persevering, while keeping an open mind to new ideas and adventures.

Barbarica was created to represent people like you. People who are hungry for success while passionate about life, and everyday grinders who work hard in order to play even harder.


This is how we bag our goodies: 

Shoots and Work in Progress: 

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