Hello all

This is a project I've been brainstorming about for a couple months now, and I'm very excited to get any kind of feedback on it, be it positive or negative.

Most of my brainstorming is unorganized and jumbled, so I will attempt to iron out my thoughts as I go.



You are a pirate! You've been sailing the open ocean when you are suddenly attacked. In the commotion that ensues, you are knocked unconscious. When you eventually come to, you find yourself washed up on the shore of an unknown island, the shipwrecked remains of your beautiful ship scattered everywhere amongst the waves and sand. You also see that some of your fellow crew (other players), have also washed up on shore with you and are just as confused and lost as you are. With really no other options, you gather all of the survivors and form what will now be your survival group. Limited supplies have washed up on the shore (cards), and it seems to your excellent pirate luck that more and more wreckage and various goods are washing up on shore everyday (drawing cards for new turns). If you are going to survive this mysterious island wilderness and potentially even escape or even find a way to get rescued, you are going to need to put everything you come across to good use (playing cards in your inventory). Of course, working together as a group will be your best chance for success, unless your crew members have different ideas about this island than you do (different objectives/motivations for each player), and you will have to figure out if you can trust them before you work together to overcome the many environmental and animalistic dangers of the island (global event cards). And if worrying about your swashbuckling, rum intoxicated crew stabbing you in the back wasn't enough, you will also need to find food and water to fulfill even your most basic human needs (health and thirst meters for each player). Ye scalawags, this be quite the adventure indeed!


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