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Banich Sign

Before finding this class, I had spent some time with Shadow Type and Graphic Della Strada by Steven Heller and Louise Fili and was really digging alot of the letters and signs within.  I did a bunch of sketches inspired by the images in the books but wasn't sure how I was going to turn them into polished pieces.  Then I saw this class and it was go time.  


Here's a page that really spoke to me.  


Here's a sketch made based of the signage. It's my last name with an extra "i" on the end.  My Italian friend puts one on the end when she says my name.


Then I saw this post from Spencer Charles (who just so happens to work at Fili) and really liked the wavy pattern on the face of the 5.  I thought the playfulness of the wavy lines would work nicely inside the playful shapes of the letters.


Here are the letters made in Illustrator, took off the last "i" to stay true to my name. I'm breaking the "keep the letters the same width" but I think it'll be okay ;)


Before finding the class, this was about as far as I had gotten in Illustrator, working with building out the letter in deep space.  After enrolling and watching all the videos to get an idea of the process, I went back to the basic shapes and started fresh.


Here's what I'm bringing into Photoshop!


Coming along!


Getting there...


Calling it done.  I'll probably go back and re-do the blur on the wall shadow and bring the wavy pattern out a bit more.  I tried to push the shadow a bit more with the smudge and the lines got a bit messed up, but happy with the outcome nonetheless.

Thanks for the class Jeff, it was a great experience.  Each video did a great job progressing the piece a bit further than the last!



*edit.  fixed the wall shadow's blur.  Feeling much better.


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