Bang bang! Hammer time!


Thanks Joanne. I always find useful tips in your classes, and this one gave me the confidence to make a few rings for myself. I shared them on my business page and had some orders as a result. I still struggle to cut exactly the right amount of silver (always seem to be a little short!) regardless of if I use a chart or do the maths, so need to work on that, but of course, the advantage with silver is that it's so easy to move up a size or two.

Here's a photo of a selection I made recently. The twisted wire ring is 1mm square wire I twisted in a vise, as an experiment, but didn't know what to do with the result. This was the perfect thing to use it in. I use a rawhide mallet rather than a nylon one and I do my soldering in the kitchen, and the cutting and shaping in my spare room upstairs.

Bang bang! Hammer time! - image 1 - student project