Brandon Bettes

Designer/Developer | Shift'D Union Clothing Co.



Bang Bang He's Dead!

Project Start:

I was going to do a project that related to my clothing brand, Shift'D Union but after doodling and thinking about it I decided to not do this.  Reason being was that I want to get the most out of this class and I felt that if I was trying to make something for my brand I wouldn't try all of the different steps or techniques since I already have the vision in my head.  It would've definitely restrained me.  So, below was my brainstorming list... 

Brainstorm List:

But after making the decision to not go with something brand related the list changed.  In fact, while working out one morning and jamming to one of my favorite bands, Bad Religion, the idea of my project just jumped out at me.  From the Automatic Man song there is a verse that has always stuck in my head.  The part that goes, " BANG BANG! He's Dead!"  I could really get illustrative with this verse of the song.  Moving forward...

Mood Board:

I found some pretty cool pics that will do a good job of reminding me how I would like to proceed with this project.

Warm up Drawings:

Below were some of my warm ups for when I was thinking I would go with the brand related slogan.

Now onto the Bang Bang warm ups:



So I feel the third rendering is definitely the direction I want to go.  I am not sure though if I go with "DEAD" as a coffin shape or if I draw a coffin around dead.  You can see I have lightly drawn in the coffin.  What do you think?  Should I leave it as is or draw in a coffin??  I am leaning on drawing in the coffin.

Here's something a little more final:

I am not sure if I should add in the shading to Bang Bang or wait until I digitize.  But I did pencil in the coffin.

And here is the final drawings.  Next will be to digitize and from there I can make some corrections on some errors I am seeing with shading, etc.

Overall, great Class Mary Kate!  I am excited for the next one.


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