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Banana Man

Update: So I decided to choose the Banana Man story because I feel I should challenge myself by giving more development to a such a random story. The other two are fun, but I want to try creating more out of something so simple.

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1. I want my friend to shut up

2. Friend keeps talking

3. Keeps flapping his mouth all the way to the parking lot

4. Gets in arguement with other friend


6. Friend shuts up and everyone laughs

Sorry for the delay on these, they were long overdue



1. My First Concert: Everyone remembers their first concert. Well when your first concert was a GWAR show on a Friday night at Ybor City, it gets pretty nuts. I chose this story because I think all the weird sights and ludacris atmosphere would make for something visually entertaining. Mixing insane thrashing and some heartfelt moments with my friends I think would make for a fun story

2. Wal-Mart with Luc: You know you have a good friend when they can turn a "quick" errand to Wal-Mart into a gripping adventure of pure tension. Would I make it back in time? Could I still fufill my duties as the president of TAB? Or will I just let my friends down? FIND OUT!!!

3. This Actually Happened: No really, Im serious, it happened just yesterday in fact. This story is about me, my friends, and our encounter with a mysterious and vigilant man wielding nothing but two banannas. I would hands down choose this story... but it's kinda short....

So yeah, feedback would be very much appreciated. All your stories sound great and I can't wait to see the end results.


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