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Balzano - Grandfather's Crest

I wanted to build this crest more of a tribute to my grandfather (still kickin' at 87!).  These are the things I thought best represented him. 

He was born and raised on a farm in Connecticut, after his parents and grandparents came here from Italy. He loved hunting & fishing, winemaking, and owned a garage with is brother where the fixed cars and built cars to race at the boardwalk.  I took these interests and came up with 4 symbols: grapes, mechanic's wrench/socket wrench,  a knife, and a tree and sun/moon to further represent his love for the outdoors. 

Here are my inital sketches.  Instead of laurel, I though a deer's antler's would subsitute well. 

I then went on to create those 4 intestests - graphically! I really like how the stroke version of the wrench came out, but decided it didn't hold up well enough at small sizes. 

Here's my progress on the full crest with some variations I decided against. 

Here is the end result, black and white, and a color version. The words at the top are the 3 things I hear him talk about and value most.  I looked to more natural colors that relfected the outdoors in the color version. 


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