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Baltic sea port

The final image: a GIF bitmap for now, but available as a vectorized PDF. Drop me a message if you're interested.


Size is about 16 x 5 in (40x15 cm) or about one double-page wide and half a page deep.Of course the PDF is scalable.

)Latest update: I decided to go with the image from the Baltic sea port, but went ahead and simplified the perspective into a head-on harbor scene with all houses shown from the front. after about a month of on-and-off scetching and reworking (and some time off to record and publish my own Skillshare class on woodblock printing ) I have the first version of my coloring page:


Baltic Harbor 1930

Still to do: polishing and saving as a PDF ====================================================================

Five pictures for inspiration: I wanted to so something with either sailing ships or airplanes, but both tend to have large unicolor spaces, so I looked for images that display lots of boats/planes with lots of fore- and background.


The first image comes from Wikipedia Commons. It shows an Italian flying boat in a harbor somewhere in Libya. I choose this one because of the buildings in the backgrouns.



The next two were made in the 1930's by my Grandfather who actually was a professional photographer. I like the sailing boats on the first picture, but I might need to take the buildings from the second to add to the background.



As for aircraft: this are oroginal images from an ocean-crossing attempt in 1929. It shows a bunch of confident looking airmen but unfortunately, very little detail and vey little color.



To compare, this two iamges I found from a Google search. Still relatively little different colors, but in the first image the brown flightsuit is broken up by the parachute and clasps. in the second the ground shows several ways of making their uniforn not look so uniform.


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