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Balls for my soup

Matza balls are a traditional soup accompaniement in Jewish food. Matza balls are perfect to make for beginners.

They are traditionally served in chicken soup, on most Jewish holiday's and year round,but most especially they have become synonomous with Passover. They are also called Kneidlach.

Some come filled with mince meat and others with nuts. This is a very quick, easy and simple recipe, that anyone can master. Perfect for people who have never made or tasted matzo balls before.

In this very simple project, you need to make matzo balls, you cand make them with any soup you choose, The balls should be about 5cm in diameter when finished, they should be easy to cut with a spoon.

The first step is to share a picture of your 'dough'

The second step is to share a picture of your balls, before they are cooked

The third step is to share a picture of the matza balls once they have been cooked.

Optional extra, upload a video of someone's critique of your matza balls!

My video, it needs a lot of work and I recorded it before starting this course, I will obviously edit it into sections. 


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