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BalloonDog was created for all of us who understand the love that comes from an animal, whether it be from a dog, a cat, a lizard, a fish, BalloonDog is a representation of the connection between an owner and pet. 

The idea sparked from our love for travel. My name is Cecy and my partners name is Ilya, we have been creating this idea for about 5 years now and it's taken us a lot of effort and time to have it come down to this. 

In 2009 we released a brand called KnewVoyce which was actually sold in a store called Revolutionary Minds on Melrose Avenue in Los Angeles. KnewVoyce had no foundation, no real theme, no logo, just a name, and a motive. We worked hard to be featured on some blogs and sold over 100 shirts to friends and to shops. Ilya and I would go to SOMA, a small concernt venue here in SD, and hand out our shirts to band members in hopes that they would wear them on tour.

After taking multiple design courses at our local colleges, and here on skillshare, we realized we had to change everything about ourselves, which was when The Balloondog Brand was born. 

We originally had the idea of an actual balloon dog balloon but we got a lot of feedback and realized there was too much of a relation to Jeff Koons' balloon dog so we decided to incorporate the balloon lifting the dog instead, as a result I think it worked out better. 

The dog used in the logo is based off of our own fury friend. We have two dogs but we love one more than the other. I'm kidding, but to be honest, it was just easier to represent my dachshund Zero as the logo than our other dog. Nonetheless, we love them equally. 

The meaning of the balloon comes from the spirit that all pets posess. This is why the brand is called BalloonDog. We don't want people to think that it's a brand for dogs, we want to represent a light pet motif but still incorporate a compelling fashion sense. We'd even want to go as far as socks and jackets and maybe even dog accessories, but we need for our audience to understand that it's more about style than anything else. 

As mushy as it is the actual theme we want to incorporate would be world travel. From packing your bags and taking a roadtrip, to the actual destination, we want BalloonDog to represent adventure and travel all together along with providing a light and playful way of doing so. 

The next series of designs are just prototypes of what ideas we have come up with. In the future we'd like for BalloonDog to travel to different destinations, places where we can incorporate into the design. For instance, having the Golden Gate Bridge behind him, or Piza, and other destinguishable places that everyone can relate to. This one here is just a generalized idea of what I have so far. 

To be more specific we had an idea to release various themed collections throughout the seasons one of which being a Paris theme. Whereas we would incorporate the main aspects of Paris that you can think of. From croisants, to high fashion, to the weather, art, romance, and the cultural aspects it carries, we would incorporate it into our designs. This is just an underlying theme of the whole brand that we want to carry with us, but along that we would release a basic collection that would just be our original logo focused on other things. 

We have so many ideas for BalloonDog, from packaging, to incorporating different slogans in different seasons. This one is based off of walking your dog. Again, we're not sure to what degree we would imply this into the actual brand but it's definitely something to consider.

Ilya and I would really like to hear everyone's thoughts on our project, as we're really serious about releasing these items soon. BalloonDog has been cooking for about 5 years and It's taken a good deal of time and experience to come down to this. So we'd like to personally thank all of you for checking us out. 

Thank you for the support and Don't Forget to Walk Your Dog! 


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