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Diyar Erdogan

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Ballet vs. Modern Dance

Hello everyone!

After taking Brad's class to learn the basics, I want to go deeper with the surface design. I am a totally a new beginner but I am really trying to learn as much as I can. Jenna's first class was really enlightened me about the logic of patterns. I feel like I need to re-watch and do more practice for embracing it. And thank you Jenna for such a good classes and it was really fun!

For this project, my choice was based on a theme which was ballet and its contrast modern dance. So, I made curved lines and tried to give classic motives which reflect a ballet. For a modern dance, I made more straight lines with shapes. I was inspired by Martha Graham who was American modern dancer. You can see the process in below.

Any suggestions and feedback would be more than welcome :)  I hope at the end of Jenna's class I will make more progress on illustrator and better embrace the logic of patterns.


Modern dance//Straight//Modern and abstract


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