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So finally got to do my project. I loved every step of it and best, i remembered every step. Its been a week i took the class. 

To start of, I did a sketch and scanned it to my photoshop. I selected the outline and drew on a new layer. I had to do some cleaning


After that, I did my base colors. It was fun.


Then i tried imagining my light source and started shading with 3 tones of the same color. I had issues with opacity. That took me some time to figure it out. 


Finally the outlining part. It was fun. I had to choose between the light and dark colors. 


To enhance my picture, I added in a studio background and a shadow so it looks more apt. 


I loved the final picture so much. I can't believe i can digital paint now. Yay!

Thank you for a good start 


Dated: 2/9/2015

I just wanted to implement the concepts before I'll forget. So thanks for providing the images. It was helpful. I couldn't find any sketches. 

I didn't have time. So this is more of a rough painting. I will take this weekend to do my perfect piece. 

Anyways, the things I observed as I painted are: 

1. I think the line drawing should be clear on boundaries and smudge can be bad when we color the lines. 

2. Have to know the bouncing of light for a more vivid picture. 

It was a great class and I sure did learn a lot. Thanks




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