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Ballerina Dreams

First of all thank you for this fun class! Vector graphics are not new to me, but I have not been creative for a while and this seemed the perfect project to get back in the saddle. Inkscape is my tool of the trade and your class translated wonderfully well to this platform.

Mood Board
My journey went almost the same as the class one.. I spent some time browsing several resources for inspiration, colour schemes. I was determined to stay close to the illustration style of the class and used the end product of the class project as a starting point to explore this style a bit further.

I have this little niece, a typical girl that loves everything pink and dances through life like little girls should do. I thought a ballerina would make a great illustration to flourish up an such little girls room. Pinterest was a great inspiration and I found this adorable little ballerina with the subscript 'dream it, do it'. And that is what it is about, dream of things and then reach for them.


I created a first version trying to tie all ideas together and it didnt work out. I disliked the pose and the lovely colours I picked simply didn't work out. The soft pastels resulted in a washed out design, so I immediately started to tinker with the colours. In the past my illustrations were always supported with strong outlines, and I had underestimated the impact this has in making designs stand out. Lesson learnt: skin tones and soft pastels may not work together and palette selection should cater for this.

This is my first version, the subset of pastels came directly from the set in the moodboard and were tweaked before the paint was dry so to say...


Tweak, Tweak, Tweak ...
I altered the pose, and still unsure what to do with colour scheme. After all ballerinas should be pink, lavender.. shouldn't day? In my dreams they are! So this was my second version:


Much better!
I liked the pose but were still struggling with the palette. Here I made the decision to look at an alternative palette, basically redoing a bit of the research and taking into account the lesson learnt. I found this cute picture of a birdshouse which had the feel of colours I was looking for. So I drew my final palette from that and that worked out great:


Whilst tinkering with the colours I made multiple copies of the design and had mirrored some of the ballerinas. This gave me the idea of 2 little ballerinas somehow loosely interacting. I tried them with the lifted legs on the outside but that looked like they were both off in their own world and not doing things together. Swapping them around suddenly created this nice interaction, and also made it possible to split the inspirational quote over both drawings as they would end up adjacent to each other.

Whilst I like the flat colour backgrounds, I feel that a matte in a picture frame always gives a drawing a bit more of a chance to stand out. I used a faux half tone effect on the background to create some air and for the final presentation I put the girls in a simple rendered picture frame. This is the final result:



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