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Lauren Krieger

Animation Student at UCLA



Ballerina Cowgirl

EDIT: We're going with #3-based on everyone's comments that this one is so much more simple than my other ideas. Thanks for everyone to took the time to comment!

Story #3-Ballerina Cowgirl

When my sister was little-her absolute favorite thing to wear was a pink sparkly leotard with white sparkly cowboy boots. One day, she attempted to wear this to preschool to which my mom told her no and she had to change. She stealthly put on a button-up dress(still kept the cowboy boots) and we all jumped in the car to go to preschool. Once she got out of the car, she defiantly started to unbutton her dress one by one and underneath the dress, was her pink sparkly leotard. And from this day forward, my mom never dicated what should could and could not wear in public.



-of things I could find, no house related pictures-but I grew up there so I can easily draw needed areas w/o reference. I'll post those later!

Goal: Tomorrow, post sketches of home interior/layout of rooms. Character exploration sketches of my sister.


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