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BallPen basic

Hello people!

I'm kind of techie guy, drawing not on an everyday basis. And even prefer ball pens. Blue ball pens.

So. Here're some objects I've managed to draw (kind of every-day-carry and work table stuff, hehe).

Wire-cutters, vape-device, pocket knife, some crazy bottle, glass of wine

I know I've messed up a little with isometry, perspective etc. But that was fun, since I haven't taken ballpens for a long time. Even to write stuff, sign papers and so on (#damn_you_keyboards)


Olga, thanks for your class, it was a good practice, I think!


A little advice for all the folks around here! Drawing with ball pens is a bit harder, than you may think, if you're not doing it everyday! Stick with your microns (gel pens or simmilars) and assume ballpens as a challenge. Just tried to do a simple drawing with gel-pen, it was like a painkiller for my hand!


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