Ball Boys

Ball Boys - student project


 Ball Boys is a spec script for a live action short film that I wrote for this class.  It's a dry comedy about a young Texas man named Benji and the simplicity of conflict in the country.  He and his friend Carl are practicing their baseball swing in the yard for the approaching tryouts, when Benji sails one into his neighbors truckbed.  This neighbor is Ricky, or Dick as Benji likes to call him.  He is a varsity football player.

After heckling Benji and Carl, Ricky and his friends take off down the road with Benji's only bucket of balls.  Carl, “Now how what’re we gonna hit.”  Benji hops on his bike.  Carl doesn’t want to get involved and stays behind.

Benji reaches the lake where Ricky and co. are drinking and throwing a football.  They tell Benji he can have his balls if he can hit one over the cove of the lake in three swings.


For the first swing, Benji tosses up a baseball and Ricky chunks his football into Benji's gut.  For the second, Ricky nails Benji in the head with the football.  On the third, Benji tosses up the baseball and pivots, swings, and smashes Ricky’s football clear into the cove.  “You little shit!” Ricky charges Benji.  Ricky socks Benji hard in the jaw.  Benji doesn’t hit back.  Ricky grabs Benji’s shirt and drags him toward the water.  “You’re gonna swim out there and get my ball back.”  Benji is helpless against the brute.  Ricky tosses him in.  Benji can’t swim.  Ricky watches, amused.  His friends are not.

“Hey, Dick.”  Ricky turns around to a sweaty, huffing Carl marching toward him.  “You forgot one.”  Carl hurls a fast one into Ricky’s forehead, knocking him to the ground.  Carl stumbles into the lake and pulls Benji out.  Ricky is back up and headed toward the boys when he hears his truck start.  His friend Beans is also watching the truck as their two girlfriends give them the finger start driving.  Ricky and Beans chase after the truck in vain, while Benji grabs the bucket and Carl mounts the bike.  Ricky and Beans turn to the boys.  “Hey, Dick!”  Benji cracks a ball soaring across the cove with ease.  Carl, “Evening, gentleladies.”  The boys peel across the field, Ricky and Beans in their dust.

Benji, yells over the putter of the bike to Carl, “You should try for pitcher, Carl.” 

A couple full color keyframes.  Think I'll be approaching my project like a graphic novel.  Not sure how I want to do the dialogue.  Love some suggestions.

Ball Boys - image 1 - student project

Ball Boys - image 2 - student project


Ball Boys - image 3 - student project

A couple more character drafts.  Benji's friend, Carl.  And Ricky's girlfriend, Lorrie.

Ball Boys - image 4 - student project

Ball Boys - image 5 - student project