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Balancing Your Health

Balancing Your Health ( or

Note: I am in the very beginning stages with my business/brand. I started out as a health blogger and put up a website but have had plans to take it farther than that, but so far I am still in the idea stage. So, much of this project will be speculative. I really need help narrowing down my ideas in order to focus and take the most efficient path. I have a ton of ideas but not sure which direction to go in.

Your Business or Brand:

My aim is, on my health website, is to bring together creative ideas, products and content that will help them first to understand what it means to be healthy, bring back their ability to truly enjoy healthy food, and allow them to have fun while they are at it.

11 Questions:

1.) What is Marketing for? What does this department/function/budget exist to do?

I believe one of the main goals of marketing is to change lifestyles (I suppose especially when relating it to what I am trying to do). More generally it is to introducing a story of something to people that will enhance their lives in some way.


2.) What are we allowed to touch?

In my past experience working as a graphic designer in marketing departments for bigger companies, the marketers' job was to craft the story and advertisements around the products, but as far as I know didn't have much access to change the products or pricing or much else themselves. They could make suggestions – but there was typically always one or two people in charge of the products and how those would be priced. The marketers then often maintained connections with people to spread the word about the product. In many companies I feel as though the underlying message and story about the product was already developed and put in place by the CEO, and the marketers then took that and maybe molded it a bit, but would then do the work of funneling it out into different places.

In my case, I will be allowed to touch everything – I will be the one creating and marketing the product(s).

3.) What can we as marketers measure?

These days marketers can measure more due to more business being online and involved with social media. We can use tools such as google analytics, Facebook ad campaigns, email stats and a bunch of other tracking tools that we can use with our websites or social media to funnel traffic. We can easily track with software what our most profitable products are. We can track our time to see what we are spending the most time on and if it is the most efficient use of time. We can measure (to an extent) what path people take to get to our product.

What's harder to measure is once they find your website (say if they do a google search and find it that way), what exactly is it that ends up making them convert to a sale? This is where firstly the story, then how the story is presented online becomes important.

4.) What can we change?

The way the information is taken in and understood, the general perception of it, the experience they have with your product online (on the website).

5.) What promise are you going to make?

I want to make the promise that people can have fun and learn to enjoy eating healthy and being healthy. The problem I want to solve is that when people think of dieting and healthy food, they still typically think of restriction, bland food, following strict regimens, etc. I promise to first attempt to provide the motivation people need to want to be healthy themselves, and then secondly provide the education for them to see for themselves why it's important.

6.) What’s the hard part?

The hard part in my case, as it stands right now, is first getting traffic to my site (this will largely be dependent on what I have to offer and how my story is presented), as this will all be online, and the health/wellness/fitness field is a hugely competitive one. The next hard part is what kind of product will serve my purpose the best – interactive educational games, or actual products in a store (like books, shirts) to help inspire people, or both? This really is about narrowing down the most efficient path as far as creating products that best represent and serve my goal. Then there is the later goal of having the money to mass-produce some of the products when the time comes.

7.) Should your organization be making trends or following trends?

I think in my case I will be following trends – but inventing innovative products or ways of engaging people in the information. If a company is following a trend, I think they should just be finding a unique way to do it, have a unique story and angle to approach that trend from.

8.) Where is the risk?

Had to think about this one for a bit - I think I will have more defined risks once I nail down my products, but in general some risks are: when offering meal plan service or consultation, them not being satisfied with my service or advice. Messing up an order when I have online products. Not managing time and effort properly (i.e. this is a loose example but spending too much time trying to make sales or get the word out and not maintaing my current systems or website and having those fail) and losing customers.

9.) Who is in charge?

For right now – it is me!

10.) Marketers spend money. Where are you spending the money? What is it for?

So far, since I do have a website in place, I have spent money on Facebook ads to get exposure to the website. I spent my own time designing and putting the website together, designing the logo and general look it has now. I have spent money on being able to bolt on additional functionality to my site that makes it easy for me to create things on the website without having to re-code things myself. I've spent money on stock images to make my eBook and website stand out. I plan to spend more money on ads as ways to get more traffic.

However at my current stage in the game, I don't think I should be spending more money on ads right now before I have everything flushed out. I think I should be spending time on developing the products that will go with the website and actually be able to make a difference first, before I drive traffic to the website.

11.) How should you be spending your time?

This is a really good question for me right now. I know the general problem I want to solve, but I have trouble deciding what I should do next in these very beginning stages. Right now I am spending my time doing research and gaining education in the health field as that's an obvious need in keeping up a health research site and gaining credibility. I also plan to be able to offer meal plan construction and health consulting later on down the line when I am actually licensed to do so.

Aside from that, I should be spending my time developing the next product or website addition that will engage people and enable them to understand my core message.


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