Balancing Act

I have a very sedentary job and a hellish commute, so most days I spend around 11 hours minimum sitting down!

Thats both insane and, frankly, depressing to me. 

So for 2013 my goal is to find a more balanced lifestyle. 

Fitness wise, I love to work out- after sitting down for 11+ hours,  going to the gym is the highlight of my day!

But I know I should be getting to the gym more often and pushing myself harder. 

When it comes to nutrition, my sweet-tooth is my downfall!! I just can't (and dont want to?) fight it :) And I also struggle with over-eating at dinner time after a long hard day. 

My mini goals to achieve a healthy balance are:

- Attempt a 5k (emphasis on attempt)

- Get to the gym 4+ days a week

- Do abdominal exercises (my least fave ever) 5+ days a week (& maybe I will learn to like them?)

Not sure yet about my nutrition goals, but I'm sure more inspiration will come! 

Update: Jan 25th

I have recently started a food diary to monitor not only my caloric intake but also how much protein vs. carbs vs. fat I'm eating and how much water I've been drinking. 

It is hard! lol So far I've noticed that its hard to portion things and what a lie "Serving Sizes" are (who can only eat half a cup of something delish?) Also pretty much everything I eat is a carb? Whaaaaa?

I also realized, while I thought I was doing a pretty good with my eating habits, there is a lot of room for improvement. 


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