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Bake's Cakery - All Time Favourite Cookies and Cakes


This week I managed to sort out and set up the URL and hosting for

So, finally, I can start to share my progress on the course, albeit a tad slow. I have completed some of the challenges up to and including uploading a pic, adding my case a sample audio from my voiceover work and adding the figcaption, articles and section. The latter I was not sure about since I couldn't see any difference to my Index.html page (Welcome page) by using the 'section' bit. 

I have done all the code for my recipes, still need to add pics to these, but not sure how to create a drop down from the main recipe tab. Perhaps this will come up later in the course.

I'm now off to try and create a contact form again and make it live this time.

Keep baking


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