Sara Lewis

Cancer Sucks.



Bakers Gunna Bake

This design was inspired by my love for baking. I’ve been thinking about getting a half-sleeve tattoo and I came up with this idea as part of the tattoo. It was the first thing I thought of when thinking about what to do with my pin project! Plus, if I never get that half-sleeve, at least I’ll have this haha.

To start, I browsed google images for different skull drawing variations to see which direction I wanted to go in (realized or stylized). After that, I pulled some images of a silicon spatula and a metal whisk to use for my crossbones.


After successfully tracing the pieces, I played around with layouts and came up with this final design. Finally, I played around with different typography and decided to go with a clean-cut look.


This would be make using dark metal like the pin below and would only need 3 colors.



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