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Melanie Yarbrough

Hand letterer, illustrator, and designer



Baked from scratch

I'm an avid baker, so I wanted to make something that could easily be stickerized to help label baked goods I make for others. I also wanted something that I could easily switch out the text to also be "Handmade by" or "Lovingly crafted by". I stuck with "Baked from scratch by" for this project.

The idea was for the circle to look like the top of a decorated cake. I started with a border that looks like little mounds of piped frosting. From there, I created a smaller cake to house my name in the middle. 


I wanted to personalize where it was made as an added detail, so I completed the outer circle of text with that. I made it a lighter color so it wouldn't carry as much weight as the initial text and my name. 


Once the base design was done, I decided to add some sprinkles as the finishing touch. It took a couple iterations and trials to get a pattern that worked without overpowering. I ended up creating mostly the teal shade sprinkles to keep from disrupting the text too much, then I made it 65% opacity to help it blend into the background a bit more.



And here's the finished product! I may keep tweaking it. I also want to experiment with different colors, to help match what baked good or event or person I'm actually baking for, but I like the initial turnout. I'd love to hear any feedback!



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