Baked With Love / Eat Me


I am a graphic Designer by trade. I enjoy being a graphic designer because each new project is a new challenge; you never stop growing as a designer and creating materials that make an impact and are enjoyed by others. I come from a primarily in-house corporate design background and thought this would be a great way to try something new, get out of my comfort zone, and really challenege me and hopefully (cross fingers) come up with something cool with the helpful cristism from my fellow peers :)


The Johnny Cupcakes Brand!!!


Becuase I really admire the brand. From the small tiny details on every shirt/product and in the packaging, the american pop / innovative designs, to the inspiring messaging, with every well thought out piece, everyone involved, you can tell, really puts thier heart into it and it shows. 


Idea #1) Baked with Love

My fiance and I have a love of Johnny Cupcakes together; its something we share together as a couple (we even took engagement photos wearing the shirts). My title "Baked with Love" is something I would really like to incorporate in one concept. Right now, this concept is in the fledgling state. I want to incorporate not only this message becuase it means something to me, but becuase in every Johnny Cupcake shirt you can tell it's not only "Freshly Baked" but "Baked with Love". I would love to incorporate some really fun typographic elements. 

Idea #2) Eat Me (sounds a little dirty I know ha)

The Johnny Cupcake Brand is very well know for its take on american culture/nostaglgia so why not try my own version and combine it with with not only one of my other crazy fanatical passions (America's Too) "Disney". One of my favorite Johnny Cupcake shirts I own, is the mickey crossbones. I would love to take an Alice and Wonderland approach with "Eat Me" and a cupcake. Now I am a little challenged with my illustrating this one will def be a challenge for me. 

Let me know what you think :) I welcome constructive critism! 

PS: Chris, I was so excited to hear you posting this class on here. You are truly an amazing illustrator / designer! I really admire the work you do.