Baked Cakes vintage label / tags

Baked Cakes vintage label / tags - student project

Baked Cakes is a startup cakery run by my best friend in Fort Worth, Texas.  He really enjoys baking cakes that people love and seeing their reactions to them.  He maintains consistent wedding business, and his personal taste is very simple and traditional, so his cakes reflect a very elegant, classic look, taste and feel.  When I put together a mood board for his label, he helped me while I looked, pointing out things that caught his eye, and we managed to combine vintage with simplicity and a little bit of class, coupled with black on manila or white/silver on black (which he really likes the look of).  Ultimately, we would like to have a stamp made that we could stamp die-cut cardstock pieces or tags with, as business cards / tags / placeholders for cake tables, etc.

Baked Cakes vintage label / tags - image 1 - student project

We found a lot of things that represented the style we were looking to achieve.  His personal favorite was the "Towne Bakery" logo, and he really liked the white/silver on black of the wine bottles.  He suggested incorporating a simple cupcake silhouette as well, so I have an extra design option if I need one.

Baked Cakes vintage label / tags - image 2 - student project

This is the initial logo type I worked up, based on "Hominis" font.

Baked Cakes vintage label / tags - image 3 - student project

I went back later and redid the "A"...

My friend says it's "good" and I'm okay with it, but I have a few other things in the works.

*** UPDATE 5/29/13 ***

Worked on a few rough sketches as suggested by Jon in the second lesson - man, I never really do that but I can't believe how much more my all-around design process has changed in less than a week!  THANK YOU JON!!!  I needed a fresh perspective.  Sometimes I will just sit for hours with a blank pad and pen, but I am ready to admit that rough sketching is my new BFF.  Here are a few things I worked on in the last week:

Baked Cakes vintage label / tags - image 4 - student project

and this, a possible final element for the finished label:

Baked Cakes vintage label / tags - image 5 - student project

Just really pleased with how this is going so far, and the perspective I am gaining with design.  Lots more to come! :)