Baked Baking

Baked Baking - student project

A couple of work friends and I started this series at the beginning of the pandemic and this year we are working on actually making the audience grow. Previously we were just having fun filming and creating content and now we're learning more about social media and how to optimize videos and build an audience organically through posting times, tagging accounts on Instagram, etc.

The premise for the show is that our chef gets stoned and then we give her a recipe she's never seen before. We remove the key words from the recipe that will give her a hint as to what she's making to really up the ante. Not only is it entertaining to watch her whether she's struggling or breezing through a recipe since she breaks out in song, in dance, and/or in weird stories, but we hope it inspires people who aren't confident in cooking or baking to try new things because the failures can still taste pretty darn good.

Our latest video here!

Tuesday Blue
Content Creator & Human Person