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Bake Gluten Free Red Velvet & Cherry Cupcakes Class

Hi fellow future Skillshare teachers :) 
I just joined to teach for the first time and want to add all the deadlines here so I can always come back and mark them done, any feedback is appreciated :) 

Class Topic: Baking a Gluten free Cupcake
Class Title: Baking an easy Gluten Free Red Velvet & Cherry Cupcake

Class Project: Bake your own gluten free red velvet cupcake (or mini cupcake) and decorate it in any way you'd like

Introduction video: I was a bit nervous filming and I think it shows, I still tried my best even though I was 10 minutes late to the deadline, I'd really appreciate any feedback on it since I might be redoing it altogether.

Also somehow the quality got reduced after I uploaded to youtube, I hope to fix all of those issues by the next deliverable :) 

I ended up changing my intro video after publishing this one so I could match the rest of the class.

Also I felt the hardest and longest part for the class publishing was editing all of the content together, but I'm very glad I made it.

You can now see my full class and enroll here :) 

Thanks for all the feedback :) 


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