Bake & Bake Cookie Box Remake

Considering I have never really been on the look out for a "favorite" print ad, I decided to browse the net a bit to see what I could find. There is certainly a variety of work out there that I like but I felt was way to advanced for me if I tried to recreate it. I have always been attracted to minimalism and simplicity. Whether it be an abstract painting of some sort, say a Mark Rothko, or a simple line drawing, and even music with a simple beat and melody, I have always admired how much volume and substance can be acheived by using the bare minimum. Less is more... Nothing is everything??..

When I stumbled across this Bake & Bake Cookies package design, I immediately wanted to go out and buy some and try them for myself. Though the flavors seemed as disgusting and odd as they come, minus the brownie flavor, I would still buy them based on the sheer design. It reminds me of going out and buying a bottle of wine. I know very little about the different wines and grapes that make them, so I often buy a bottle based on how delicious its label design is. I'm sure many, if not all of you, have done this before.

The cookies smiling eyes and mouth, its arms outstretched and open just asking you to try a piece of this niceness. I know I would. 

I've just begun this project so I only have the bare minimum thus far.

Here is the final product that I am working to achieve


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