Bailamos Salsa Rueda | Skillshare Projects

Elisha Cohen

Jr. Architect and Designer



Bailamos Salsa Rueda

For my phrase I decided to go with working on a potential logo for a salsa dance studio, "Bailamos Salsa Rueda."

Very ugly sketch of my idea. I basically wanted to explore the idea that "salsa rueda" is a specific type of salsa that is done in a circle where you constantly switch partners. Rueda means wheel in Spanish. I wanted to find a way to work in the idea of changing hands/partners, switching, wheel, circle, etc.

Seemed a bit two 4-leaf clover-y.

Decided to just go with two switch backs to symbolize switching of partners. I let the only reference to the circle be the curves themselves.

Potential use. I still feel like it's missing something and want to take it to that next step. What do you guys think? 


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