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Carla Marques

gotta practice more




So, I tried to make something simple, since it's actually the first time I'm dedicating myself to do somthing like this. Bahia is the state where I'm from in Brazil, and it's a really beautiful and colorful place. I live in the capital, Salvador, which is a city with lots of ups and downs - it's basically a city built in hills so that's perhaps the reason the first A was drawn that way. 



This is my city and inspiration! Instead of choosing Salvador, I chose Bahia because it's shorter and I was kind of afraid of how things would be. 

So here is what happened: 


I liked the kind of script one, but I ended up going with the other one and making some changes. The final result is right here. Not perfect, but for a first time actually dedicating myself, it actually looks kinda nice.


Thanks! :)


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