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Bahamas Cruise

I am doing my event poster about a trip to the Bahamas that I just got back from. It was a very special event in my life because it was celebrating my 5 year wedding anniversary. I never want to forget the experiences that I had.

The natural beauty found in the Bahamas is amazing, yet the people who live there seem to be stuck trying to sell souviners to tourists instead of enjoying their luxurious land. The island of Nassau (which I visited) was once taken over by pirates who attacked the French and Spanish people that had settled there. So, basically the main idea that I had for my poster was to try and convey the conflict that exists between the people of the Bahamas and the travelers that visit. I guess today it doesn't really seem like a conflict, but more of a great difference in lifestyle. The beautiful land of the Bahamas has been heavily commercialized in such a way that the people (whether natives or tourists) seem to focus on money matters rather than the natural wonders that are hidden behind price tags.

Above are pictured the hand-lettered type that I would like to use and my two best sketch ideas. The first one I like the best. It features shelves filled with popular souveniers that represent the Bahamas. The shelves are in the shape of the Bahamas flag. I think that this conveys the commercialization that has occured. The middle shelf would be primarily for the main text "Bahamas Cruise." The souveniers would contain secondary information about the trip such as the ports we stopped at and the ship we sailed on. I think that using the first idea would definitely challenge me to push my illustration skills.

The second idea is to have a T-shirt hanging up for sale that would have all of the information on it. In the Bahamas, people were selling T-shirts like crazy, so that is why I came up with this concept.


Here is some progress on my poster. I have decided on a slightly different layout (see new sketch). The main typography will still be on the center shelf. I have begun to vectorize my design. I also decided to make the main typography out of rope.


Progress on my poster. I think I'm ready to add color, texture, and type.

I finished my project in December but forgot to upload the final version! Here it is!


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