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Patrick Branigan

Art Director & UI Designer




Name: Patrick Branigan

Brand Name: Bafe

Slogan: "Solely Inspired by EDM"

Mission Statement: Electronic dance music is an art form, not a party.


The Bafe logo is meant to withstand the evolution of the genre that inspires it. It's character is built on a marriage of smooth and sharp edges, representing the variety of contrast that exists within the plethora of electronic sounds. The shapes within are actually formed out of an earlier iteration that was once a ligature. If you look closely you may be able to see letterforms b, a, f and e suggested.


Palettes & Color:

The EDM (electronic dance music) culture has flourished on stunning visuals, bright lights, and more recently performance art. Bafe retains the vibrance found in the coloration of venues, costumes, productions and set aesthetics while refraining from hinging itself on the saturated market of "neon".

Why "Bafe"?

As an advocate of EDM for 10+ years I've had the privilege to travel to numerous concerts, festivals and events. At one particular festival in 2010, legendary artist and DJ Carl Cox was speaking to an interview aside the main stage where I happened to be situated and able to overhear him talking. At one point when being asked a question, he cut the interviewer off by stating, "Hold on, just wait for this bass. This tune...this is the epitome of bass."

Due to perhaps a mix of his english accent as well as his dental structure he pronounced the word "bass" as if it were "bay-ff". It stuck. So Bafe was born.

Beyond the story, I suppose it's also may be an easier word to remember as it's four characters and always slightly reminiscent of the word "bass," a term essentially married to EDM culture.


The Bafe website (visit here) is a showcase for the new line and will house future products. The site consists of an easy to use and secure cart, as well as an often updated blog which will serve news regarding Bafe as well as EDM culture in general. You'll find inspiration for products, process work and even sponsored album reviews when possible.

It's emphasis is on the artwork - the apparel itself. Vibrant and large imagery as well as unobtrusive interactivity make for a fluid experience (for example).

The site is new and is constantly being improved. Much like any good piece of design, it's expected to evolve and grow as time moves on with an emphasis on further improving user experience and content (story).

Moving Forward:

Bafe is a labor of love. It has been and always will be about producing a quality product that everyone loves. Every piece of the project has been concepted and executed independently, from identity to apparel to social outreach, with the assistance of individuals including Adam Butterworth (web development), Lawrence Basso (photography), and Overit Studios (photography).

Electronic dance music is a massive inspiration for so many including myself, both creatively and otherwise. It's never been about the money, the party or the fame. I've wanted to show my appreciation for the art that is EDM for years in my own way. The time has come to sincerely give back to such an imaginative genre, community and culture.



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