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Badges of Health

I love learning everything I can on heath and fitness so I wanted to do something related to living a healthy lifestyle. Here is my initial mind map. The three ideas that stood out to me were a series of yoga poses, different exercise equipment and the "dirty dozen" (prodcue which should be purchased organic due to yucky pesticides).

Next I started brainstorming and sketching out what those series might look like: 

Yoga poses - 

Exercise (crossfit) equipment - 

Dirty dozen - 

Now the hard part - which series to run with? I am leaning most toward the dirty dozen. My illustrator skills are beginner level at best so I think there is an opportunity here to stretch myself without getting in over my head. Is 12 badges too many? Maybe I could cut it down to the top 6 although, the "Dirty Six" doesn't have the same ring to it. 


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