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Badger Approved

It's fall, y'all!

Well, sort of. In my neck of the woods, we have two seasons: summer and winter. At this point, "Fall" and "Spring" are just things we tell ourselves so we can imagine there's a reason to drink pumpkin spice and wear light jackets like the rest of the world.

Ok, yes, I'm jaded, I'm bitter, because I got spoiled with perfect weather for the last couple years and now I'm back in the devil's armpit where I came from. (I'm trying to enjoy it, though.)

In honor of the Fall season I wish I had, I proudly present to you...

The glorious, the legendary, the intrepid, the adorable, the unfuckwithable --



It was autumn when I saw the first and only badger I've ever seen in my life. The air was crisp and the sun was resting at a low angle as I pedaled my bike along a lonesome country road. The grass on the hillsides was fresh and dewy, and I surveyed the landscape as I often do, as it was rare to bike through these parts without seeing some form of wildlife (tarantulas, coyotes, snakes, falcons, and golden eagles, oh my!)

And to my surprise, there it was, bustling along through the tall grass just a little ways off the road: a stout, black-and-white-striped badger.


Badgers are, of course, the sigil of House Hufflepuff, which makes them extra awesome. I've been a loyal Harry Potter nerd since book one first arrived in my elementary school library back in the '90s. I think everybody has a little bit of each House in their personality, and while I do identify with the other houses in certain ways, my defining traits are very Hufflepuff.


After doing a little visual research, I made some sketches, such as this:


Created and gridded my logo in Illustrator. Put it into some mockups just for fun.


And I think if Hufflepuff had a season, it would be autumn. Autumn is the season of harvest (which to me means hard work and reward), the season of food, of comfort, spending time with those you love, and doing the things that make you feel most inspired.


Thus, this project was inspired by my favorite season and a creature with which I tend to associate it.

Thanks for looking. Stay rad.


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