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Badge Project

Mind Map

When I stared this class, I had to many ideas going on. I decided to break them up, that way it wouldn't be too cluttered. I made three maps (Books, Craig McCracken and Movies) which helped me narrow down ideas within the category better then having one big map.  

Potential Ideas that I liked:

-Greek Gods
-Jane Austen Novels
-The City of Townsville Icons
-Powerpuff Girls Villans
-Fosters Home, Powerpuff Girls icons
-Back To The Future Films
-Alfred Hitchcock's movies (Psycho and The Birds)
-Slasher/ Serial Killers Masks


I went with the Forsters Home and Powerpuff girls icons

Mood Board

Color Palette

Final Sketches/Roughs

I  decided to just do only powerpuff girls because I can make more badges with them then fosters.

New Color Palette 


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