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Badge Project Using Geometric Shapes

I have often struggled with my process and exploration of my ideas, I am excited for this class because I have already  learned some great techniques that I can use on future projects (love the brain map).

I started off by quickly writing any idea that came to mind in my sketchbook and then chose 5 topics to elaborate on.

Then I made my Brain Map.I ended up really feeling inspired by my city/neighborhoods and the farmers market.

I thought the farmers market would make great badges that could use alot of fresh vibrant colours and could be incorporated into a larger map project that would be a great portfolo piece for me.

 I also thought that the Fort Worth Neighbohood badges could really be unique and since we just got a bike share program (rent a bike, ride it, drop it off at various stations around city) the badges could provide info about the places near the bike stations.

I think I am leaning more toward my second Idea but I am going to let them marinate in my mind for a little bit :)

*Here is some inspiration I found

Some work in progress still not set on the color palette but needed to take a break so I started developing some of the shape images.

***UPDATE*** Set of badges finally completed :)


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