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Bad example of choosing major

I've been telling my story to high school students for the past year. Often times, I talked in front of 50-100 students in Laos (my country). Now i'm studying in the U.S., so I want to digitalize my story to keep telling to my people back home.


It's a story about myself. My friends and I ran a voluntary project called "College Major Guidebook & Web" to provide details information about college majors to high school students in Laos (There was none before. Even our national university didn't provide any information regarding their courses). We really wanted high school students to start thinking about their college, so we came up with the idea to tell our personal stories to show the important of mindfully choosing major. My story about choosing major was common in Asia culture, so we decided to use my story as a bad example of choosing major.


Component of story

Normally, I told my story in chronological timeline. I never thought of component of my story. Laiding out component cards give my story more dimension and dynamic.

  • One upon a time: I was in my final years like all of you now (high school students). I didn't know what major I should study in college. I didn't have any passion. I mostly played video game in my free time.
  • Challenging situations: Can't decide what to study. There was pressure from my family. Therefore, I ended up asking my mom and chose to study Economic as she suggested. After 3 years of studying, I realized I don't really like economic.
  • New possibility: I got a chance to did the undergrade exchange study to the U.S. and I just wanted to study courses that there's not available in Laos. I studied Digital Media Arts for two semesters
  • Drama: after I came back from the exchange program, I was 100% sure that I hate economic major. but I like media instead. I decided to drop out of economic major leaving 3 years spent with this major and my mom expectation behind. Hoever, there wasn't any media major in Laos.
  • Conflict: I broke my mom's heart (It was a big deal in Lao culture), lost 3 years for nothing, and I didn't really know if I could make a living out of what I want to do.
  • A world view: is it worth to spend time study what you don't like? We should make a mindful decision, so we won't regret it later. Finding your own passion will make days seem worthwhile. Following my own passion get me to work in communication officer in NGO, and won the scholarship to study in the U.S. .... students! start thinking now.



I think my story fit in the "Reborn" archetype. My climax is the realization of wrong major and found a liked one, and decision I had to make after that.

Put it together: (my audiences are high schools students)

9 years ago, I was just like you guys (high school students). Study in the final year of high school, I wasn't much differernt than any of you. At that time, I didn't know what I want to study, I didn't know what I like. When I asked others, they suggested me to study I like, but i didn't really have one. My free time I spent playing video games. So, I went to ask my mom what should I study and she told me to study Economic. She said,"studying Economic, you can work in most offices". I didn't care much about the future, so I applied to Economic faculty. I was fun in the first year in college where you have more freedom to do many things unlike when you are high school. The foundation year was fun and the second year of basic economy princile was ok. By the third year, it's when deeper concept of Economic is taught. Theory after theory, model after model, I realized that I don't like Economic. I don't like its conceptual thoughts and assumptions. I went to class everyday with the negative mindset about Economy. At the same time, I got the offer to exchange study in the U.S., so I went there to study something new. I studied digital media arts. Without much efforts, I did really well in class and I found myself enjoying doing the assignments. After the exchange ended, I came back and stood in front of my Economic faculty. I was supposed to do process my document to resume my study, but was hesitating. I stood there and thinking, "if I have to spend two more years to finish this, I will have to work in economy sector which I don't really like it. My life would be really boring like my time study here". Then I decided to drop out of that college. Luckily that I did double major, so dropping one out, I have one left which is English. All my friends were agianst my idea and told me just endure two years to get the degree. Of course, dropping out hurt my mom feeling because she suggested that major to me and she had high hope of me to work in economy sector. There was much force against me, but I wanted to make my own choice even if it's a bit late.

It was a hard decision. I like media, but there wasn't any media related major in Laos. I was not sure at all if I could be a living out of what I like. It was a risky decision. But now I am happy I choose to follow my heart. I worked in communication position that I can use my media production skills. Following my passion made me a strong candidate for a scholarship and I won. The reason I tell my story to you is to warn you and remind you that now you are in time that you have to make decision. Take it seriously and really ask yourself what you like and what's your passion. Don't make the same mistake like me! For me, it's not worthed at all to lost three years in the major I don't like. Now it's your time, be mindful of your decision and good luck.


Here is my our project website that we collect information about college majors in Laos. The site is in Lao not English:


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