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Bad Parkin

Final update! 4-9-12

Check out!!!!!!

Alright, final update time. Today I took down the email wall, thanks for those that used it to get beta access, so that now anyone can get in there and start uploading. Pretty straight forward with the final project on the front side of things. All pins do have to be approved by an admin and only approved ones can be seen on the front page. 

Things to come: Design and email notifications. 

Also, there's a few helper videos I made during this class for a few questions asked in the Q&A. Here's the playlist to view them:

Thanks for taking a look.


The name is as bad as the parking. 

See a parking job that makes you /facepalm? Snap a pic and upload it to Bad Parkin to share with the world. Don't let those bozo's get away with their bad parking. 



Update from 3/26: Setup the pins per the class but also added an email wall. It was a simple implementation from Mail Chimp to let people signup for updates before the site is actually usable.  

One thing that I did to test out what I have been learing is to rip out the css and javascript that MC puts in one page for you to use. Those were put in partials to help clean up the code. Also, this page had to be excluded from the normal layout which was another learning point. 

If looking to have pages that don't follow the normal css or layout styles, in this case the bootstrap nav bar, you define the page in your controller and add render :layout => false. 

Since I broke out the css from the MC page and put it in the Stylesheets folder, it was being included in the application.css and making it override bootstrap stylings. So add a line in your application.css to exclude it globally by putting '*= stub filename*'.

Update 4/2

Made this video to explain everything. Take a look if you have a few minutes to see the progress:


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