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"Bad Luck" Chuck - Struggles of dealing with daily situations.

First of all, Sarah, I'm really enjoying this couse and looking forward to finish it and take the animated gifs course, thank you for all the tips.

Well my webcomic is about this character who seems like a completely normal guy who tries to be as good and calm as he can be but gets easely desperate or angry about daily situations like traffic, waiting in lines, going to supermarket, and stuff like that. Also he has trouble with wrongdoing since it's one of the things he hates the most about everyone else. So it's no surprise funny things happen to him when he has to or is asked to do wrong.

He es very expresive, even could be overexided about anything like eating french fries or just getting home after a long day.

I think I still have to develop a little bit more my character's appeareance according to his personality but by now I think I'm alright with the results (suggestions are gladly welcome).

Here are my sketches, I tend to work mainly on expresions and forget about the body (which is the part I am the least satified about my character).



So getting to the model sheet part I was thinking I would like to do this on paper, scan it and place it on photoshop but I went wrong, I didn't like it at all so intead worked everything on Autodesk's Sketchbook.



In the beginning I was thinking about working on black & white only but realized I needed some color so I worked on just some details of the character so I could bring it to life without coloring it all, here are the results:


Meanwhile I get to a story or situation good and funny enough to be pleased with I'd like to get all the feedback I can so anyone who reads this, please feel free to give me your thoughtsm thank you, I'll be updating the project soon (I hope so).


So I finally made it to create my comic, it has some flaws with I would like to correct but for now I just wanted to share something. I hope it gets a laugh or a smile out of someone here, and as always any feedback is very welcome.



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