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Backyard bluebonnets

LIke everyone else, using my dog was my first thought. In January I got a new rescue dog, Sunny. Here she is,  Can I get an awww here?


She's photogenic and I've taken lots of pictures of her since I got her.

However, I am obsessed with bluebonnets. When I moved to Texas several years ago and discovered a few in my back yard I was ecstatic. People who have only seen them in pictures have no idea just how exquisite they are up close and personal. 

I have worked to remove as many of the completing plants as possible and have been rewarded with some nice patches of them in my very own back yard.

So - I opted to display them for my project.

Here is a clump of them.


Moving in on a few stalks.


Close-up. Note I managed to catch a honeybee gathering pollen.


It was a bright, sunny morning here in south Texas, Temperature on my patio is now 86. I took these with my phone. My camera died and I have not replaced it.  


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