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Backyard Blossoms

Hey everyone! I was so excited to take this class and learn about pattern design. I am new to the graphic design world and am loving every minute of it! For my project I found inspiration right outside in my own backyard. Spring is here and everything is in full bloom so I decided to create a floral pattern. 


I drew a lot of my inspiration from outside, taking pictures of flowers that caught my eye. I am also a pinterest fan and spend a good amount of time on there. It was only natural that inspiration hit me while scrolling through the posts. I chose flowers as my main focus because of the endless color and movment given to create with. 


I did a few sketches pulled from my mood board as well as adding in little bits here and there while working straight in adobe illustrator. I found that the further I went on, the more I wanted to add into the pattern.   



After all of my sketches were traced I began the coloring process. This was my favorite part while working in illustrator. 


Next up was to get a little more creative and put everything together! This was by far the most time consuming part of the puzzle for me. This was where my perfectionistic personality really kicked in! 


Next of course was putting the final pattern together and getting to see what all of my time and hard work had created. I flipped through the recolor artwork tool over and over again. I landed on these two as my favorite and the ones to post as my artwork. 

I enjoyed doing this class so much and can't wait to continue practicing my pattern making skills. Thank you Bonnie for teaching this class. You were very easy to learn from seeing as how I have had no previous knowledge on illustrator. I hope you all enjoy and would love some feedback! 


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