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Backyard #Blizzard2016

These photos were taken in my backyard the morning after #Blizzard2016 passed through our neck of the woods.  There are so many picturesque places in Pennsylvania during every season, but I'm particularly partial to the place I know best.


This self portrait was taken in front of my barn cuddled up in my favorite blanket.  I used the 10s timer to capture like a billion of these shots before I was satisfied with one.  I'm definitely not used to being in front of the camera! On the plus side, I love how the "reduce noise" function in Ps Express makes my complection look creamier :)


Most of the snow was untouched and pristine, except for these small tracks that ran the length of our property, so I put on my snow boots and decided to follow the footsteps!


I was sort of surprised to see that this little creek hadn't totally frozen over yet...the surface still mirrored  the sky.


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