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Backyard Beauty

Hello fellow skillshare friends!

I have just stumbled upon this class, and I think it's safe to say I've fallen in love!! This is my first time creating patterns, and I can't seem to stop haha. I've been working just a few days, but I've found myself dreaming about what patterns I want to create next. I can't thank you enough for this well-taught class, Bonnie!

I am so happy that Spring is finally starting to show itself! All the blooms definitely have me inspired. My backyard and neighborhood are a place where beauty abounds. They are places where I find rest and beauty. That's why I decided to create the pattern names of 'Backyard Beauty' and 'Oasis'. 

Here is a shot of my backyard area:

These are some photographs I captured while strolling through my yard and neighborhood:

And here is my mood board I created from photographs I found online. These are what also inspired my color palette!

Next I began sketching from my nature images. Sorry these photographs were taken in such poor lighting! Hopefully you're see able to see them. I also included the scans in this image.

I also did some of my own calligraphy to include:

Next I began coloring in Illustrator! I really had the best time :) These are the colored motifs:

And now to put it together in a pattern! Once I figured out the ins and outs, I really got on a roll, and my ideas just started churning from there!

I mostly used live trace along with my Wacom tablet when I needed to go over anything I didn't like. 

And of course the color variations!!! I can truly understand how everyone is addicted to recoloring haha. It's so hard to stop!

On to the next pattern where I grouped the motifs:

And some more color variations...

Before I move on, I will include the calligraphy I did for titles of the patterns! I actually filled the letters in with the patterns I created and thought it gave a cool effect. (This was actually a total accident at first, but then I realized I really liked it! Just goes to show accidents are sometimes the best sources of inspiration! :)

And this is where I just couldn't stop..! These are a few additional patterns created using the same motifs from my previous sketches.

I thought a more simple one might be nice since I noticed that many of mine were pretty busy.

Here's a new sketch and pattern concept using the same color scheme:

This was the pattern I originally came up with..

Although I liked it, I decided to try it out with more simple color variations because my other patterns were more complex in color.

I have really been into drawing mandalas for about a year now. Here's one I selected to color:

Couldn't decide on what colors I wanted to go with for this one! 

Then I did a sketch of a feather and thought it would be fun to turn that into a pattern as well! It was a bit of a different concept since I only had one motif to work with. I also found making geometric patterns a bit challenging. I'm sure there is an easier way to make one item repeat, but I don't think I've figured it out yet! If anyone has any tips, I would love to hear them!

I used Bonnie's instruction with the rotate tool and made flowers out of the feathers! (as seen above)

Lastly, I felt really inspired by the shapes on the front of this shed that's in my backyard. I took the pen tool and went over the front doors and then created them into a pattern! This geometric pattern was also a little tricky for me to figure out.. a bunch of trial and error!

And some pattern mock-ups!

Whew! If you made it to the end, I sincerely thank you for taking a look at my work. I'm not sure if all of these patterns would make a cohesive collection per se, but I have had a ton of fun creating them! I would love to know any thoughts or critiques you may have for me, or which pattern turned out to be your favorite! I'm still deciding which one I like best. 

Once again, thank you for this class Bonnie!

Sarah Grace


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