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Backfat Hoagie - Cold Cuts EP

Backfat Hoagie is a freak-folk outfit that consists of Frankie Pancakes on rainstick and Louis H. Rancheros aka Louie "The Poop" Rodriguez on bongos.  They're first EP, Cold Cuts will include their songs "Beat it in the Street" and "Babaloo."  They've been described as "disgusting" and "intriguing," in the local Philly scene.

I think that concept for the album cover will be based on the food reference in their band name and EP title.  I really love the Sausages from the Depths inspiration and a textured text similar to some of Pyknic's t-shirt designs.

I'm also really in love with this photography book I found a few years back called Plates + Dishes: The Food and Faces of the Roadside Diner by Stephan Schacher.  His photos are a big inspiration for the album cover.

A couple of quick thumbnail sketches. Need to do some more, not in the groove.

I've decided to go with a jazzy kind of feel for the record and keep it more minimal.  The color blocks on the bottom are placeholderes for different kinds of deli meats.

I took it back into Illustrator and added the deli meats!  I think I have to play around with the coloring more and add some texture next.  Any feedback would be great.

Here's the final album cover with some texture and shading added to make it look more like an old vinyl.  This was a lot of fun!  


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