Back to the basics

Taking this class was a good refresher on organizational and focus techniques that get translated into productivity.

Main takeaways:

- Eisenhower Matrix: I printed a version of the matrix and have it on my wall for visibility. It's easy to forget how to categorize incoming items and how to fit them into your day, so, it's good to have a visible reference at hand. Everything that does not fit into "Do" goes through a different process.

Back to the basics - image 1 - student project


- Use an Inbox for every new task that comes your way:

I'm a user of Omnifocus, which brings an email address you can use to send items to your inbox, and then you can organize them into categories and contexts.

Through the day, every new item I receive, either by email or Slack, or similar, I evaluate the matrix for those items, and if they are not Urgent and Important, I will send them to in Omnifocus inbox to organize later.

- Label your days by main focus; this is an advice I had never heard of, and it really comes in handy. This is my take on that approach:

Back to the basics - image 2 - student project