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Back to the Basics - Fall Outfit

So, this is my first attempt at any sort of semi serious attempt at male fashion so if something is completely off base please tell me. In a similar note, I'm going for a more simplistic style with solid colors etc until I figure out more of what I'm doing. I don't have a set style in mind, but I would say I'm more in line with urban, with maybe a flair of hipster. I'd hate to admit it, but probably a little bit prep too. Trying to make this outfit with fall and budget in mind.

Image Board of Clothes



Outerwear(~$70 USD): Simple Blue V-Neck Sweater from J-Crew. I'm a fan of solid colors, but I don't own very much blue. V-Neck so it will better fit with a button down. Would roll up the sleeves most likely to show cuff. Layering!

Shirt (~$70 USD): Oxford Button Down, Grey. I've shopped at express before and their shirts fit me pretty well and their price is good (will reevaluate after the things I've learned from this class). Grey and Blue seem to go well together. and no iron!

Pants (~$90 USD): Cordoroy Acorn J-Crew Relaxed Fit. For me, relaxed fit is the most comfortable. I may roll up the bottoms slightly, but I'm not sure that would work well with the shoes. Slightly darker than regular khaki, so I feel it fits in well with fall. And I like the added texture. Also, they make swishie noises when you walk.

Shoes (~$90 USD): Vans OTW Alden 2 Oiled (not high top). At one point in time I was a skater. Or at least wore the clothes, I wasn't very good. I'm usually not a big fan of Vans, but these are pretty cool for a very reasonable price. The blue will go well with the sweater.


Watch (~$150 USD): Nava Time Piece.I found this watch at an eslite bookstore in Taipei. It's simple, distinct, and I have some good memories associated with it.

Bag (~$100 USD): Neotype Vintage Leather Bag. I don't know much about bags, but I found this on pinterest and it seems like a good deal and would fit in well the outfit. Can't go wrong with leather (don't quote me on that).

Belt (~$50 USD): Worn Leather from J-Crew. My current go to belt is a little outdated and worn. Figured it would be a good idea to upgrade and why not J crew? Nothing fancy here, just a leather belt that I thought would go with the color scheme.

Sunglasses (~$50 USD): Polarized Rayban Wayfarers. One of my best purchases. Got them slightly used on ebay for this price. They are real. I think.


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