Back to color - Fisrt exercice

Back to color - Fisrt exercice - student project

Thank you Ayna for your wonderful classes. :)  Your lessons on gouache have helped me get back into painting after many weeks of artistic blocking, during which I was not even able to make a pencil mark on a sheet of paper.

Here is my first result. I love gouache, but it's a medium I'm far from mastering. On this one, the colors are too dense, too dark and not as bright and airy as I would have liked. But it's still a good starting point, and I'm proud to have completed the project this time, no matter how small.

Back to color - Fisrt exercice - image 1 - student project

I learned (and re-learned) a lot from this exercise. Thanks again for your precious advices! ^_^

Below is my sketch for the painting:

Back to color - Fisrt exercice - image 2 - student project

Frédérique Mussard
Shadow artist until yesterday