Back to a healthy weight, working out daily!

I used to weight a healthy 125lbs back in the first two years of college, but when things got really hectic and stressful, I ended up gaining over 50lbs in the following 2 years.

My goal is to develop a habit of working out every day in order to lose the 34lbs I have left to lose. I was thinking about doing 1 hour on the eliptical, but I might start alternating that with yoga, aerobics, and DDR.

Here are my defined goals:

  • work out at least 1 hour each day (elliptical, yoga, aerobics, DDR)
  • track my food intake every day on LoseIt
  • eat more leafy greens, fruits, and veggies
  • strength train at least 3 times a week (work on stomach and arms)

These goals might evolve after learning more about exercise and nutrition, but I think they are a good starting point. I hope to be able to make working out each day a habit that I will have for life!


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