Back to School Spots

Back to School Spots - student project

Back to School Spots - image 1 - student project

Had such a great time with class learning about spot illustrations! The school year is about to start in a few weeks so I decided to make my spots about how different high school is going to be with both in-person and online classes. The process from researching to collecting visual information and creating the final illustrations was really fun to follow along with and I'm really happy with the final results! I'm still new to digital art so these took a while for me to draw but it was fun to play around with shapes, stylization, and texture! Thank you Tom for this class and I can't wait to work on other classes you've created as well!

Set 1:
Back to School Spots - image 2 - student project

Set 2: (Bottom left = me in every zoom class)

Back to School Spots - image 3 - student project