Back to Prague shape

In summer 2009 I lived in Prague in the Czech Republic and lost 35 pounds through a combination of better eating, a solid fitness routine, and walking damn near everywhere (over 350 miles in 3 months by my count).  I went from 257 pounds to 222, and I want to get back to my Prague weight.

Right now I am only 13 pounds shy of my goal weight, but I think I can do better than that.  I'm hoping this class paves the way for that.

My goals for the year:
1. Get back on my training and complete Little Rock Half Marathon in March

2. Incorporate my new TRX resistance band system into my regular workout routine.

3. Lose 13 pounds and return to my best "Prague weight"

4. Add toning and stretching workouts to vary my exercise routine, especially yoga.

5. Continue Argentine tango dancing as cardio exercise

6. (optional, but not really) Continue weight loss throughout the year to get down to 200 pounds by New Years Eve 2013

7. Reduce BMI to below 25 (I know, it's a vanity goal, but humor me)


1: Join Fitocracy and start logging my workouts for accountability

2: Abstain from soda (If I keep it up 95% of the time I'm cool with it)

3: Avoid red meat/stick to chicken or fish for meals...being in the South, avoiding bacon is going to raise some eyebrows.

4: Start taking pictures to document my fitness progress.


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